Pro+ Membership

Leave average behind and start selling like an industry pro.

Overcome more objections by using our new in-home appointment software.
Bring your specific questions to an elite producer.
Learn from a pro, produce like a pro.

“Hey Chad, I just picked up $300k. That’s over $1M in a month. Your income planning approach is helping me!”

Derek M.

  • Close more sales.
  • Spend more time making sales and less time worrying about what works.
  • Stop wasting your money on leads. Make the most of the leads you have.
  • Stop missing opportunities. You know every deal you don’t close puts you another day away from living the life you want to live.
  • Stop making multiple appointments with the same people and never closing deals. Make your time work for you. Adopt our one sit, one close sales method!


Stop expecting to become an elite producer without doing the things elite producers do. Stop making excuses and start investing in your happiness and your family's future. Start learning from an expert who is in the field and selling at an elite level.  Start walking the walk toward wealth and security. In order to produce like an expert, you need to train with an expert.

Stop being satisfied with average and start selling like an industry pro with the mentorship of a $150,000,000 producer.

“Amazing and life/business changing. I know I will grow my business from this as soon as I start spending money on marketing.”

Nicole S.

Is this for you?

PRO Membership is right for you if …

...you want access to a mentor who can help you with real issues you are facing in the field

...you’re tired of sales training from marketing organizations instead of someone who is currently successful in the field.

...you are willing to work hard in order to play hard.
..the industry norm isn’t getting you real results.
...you are tired of wasting money on leads that you can’t close.
...you want to leverage your time more effectively so you can sell more.

...you are an intermediate level agents who want increase their production while minimizing their expenses

...you are a producer who wants to see the annuity industry transformed through a solution based approach to selling.

...you want to live a generous life of freedom and abundance that will make an impact on the world around you.

...-you are looking to achieve freedom by transforming the annuity industry through client-focused, solution based selling.

What You Will Learn


Sales Skills

Many people sell, but few have the skills to be successful. Unpack the sales techniques that have helped Chad Owen write over $150,000,000 in annuity production since 2008.


Phone Skills

You’ll make more sales in less time once you’ve mastered the phones. Become an expert in this training and close the sale before you even step into the client’s home.


Leads and How To Work Them

In this training, Chad Owen debunks the myth that leads are king. Turn leads into massive financial gains by re-writing your approach to buying and working leads.


Appointment Process

Dive in and unpack the appointment process of a $150,000,000 producer, and discover what you can be doing to increase your production!


Fact Finding

It does you no good to walk into a gold mine if you have no idea how to mine for gold. In this track, we are going to simplify the fact-finding process so you no longer have to fear leaving money on the table!


Annuity Basics

As agents, we’ve never “arrived.”  We always need to refresh on the products we are offering to our clients. Get back to the basics with this refresher course!


Mindset of an Elite Producer

Success begins in your mind. It happens before sales and before the first phone call. Learn how to think like an elite producer and you will begin to succeed like an elite producer!


Market Conditions

It’s critical that agents stay up to date with the insurance, safe money, and financial industries! In this track, you’ll dive deep into what’s happening, what has happened, and what to look forward to.



At Retirement Realized Agents Academy, you'll find agents who run their businesses with integrity, set on transforming the annuity industry and rewriting the narrative. Our community believes in raising others up, answering questions and celebrating successes.

Live Coaching & Training

All memberships come with live monthly training. Our Pro+ and Elite membership tiers include personal coaching from Elite Producer, Chad Owen. Inner Circle Premium Members will be able to rehearse scripts, discuss goals, have strategy calls and email Chad directly for help with cases.


World-Class Support Team

You will have Email access to a knowledgeable team that is able to answer real questions that are relevant to your annuity business. At Retirement Realized, we don’t outsource anything - including our support team. Our team is available M-F 9am-5pm CST

Invest Risk-Free

Investing in this academy is a no-brainer! One $40,000 annuity alone will cover your annual membership, and if we only help you sell one $40k annuity then we have failed you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you’re on the fence, no need to fear. If you realize our program is not right for you once you get started, you can cancel at any time. However, due to the digital nature of our products, we do not process refunds.

A Note From Chad

Investing in this is investing in you. I built this training because I believe that every agent in this industry deserves to create a life of freedom and abundance. It’s not your fault that all of the training you’ve had up to this point has fallen short. My system works, and has allowed me to write over $150,000,000 in personal production since 2008. My passion is helping agents just like you become top level producers whose only problems become not dreaming big enough! In the PRO+ membership, we take our coaching a step further with our Q&A coaching calls and proprietary software that is helping agents all across the country close more sales and overcome more objections when in the home!

“A to Z analysis of the process. Especially tracking leads and production. Very down to earth and in simple terms.”

Jon G.

“An awesome opportunity to listen and learn from a solid producer and fantastic God-fearing man!!! Absolutely spot on information.”

Mike L.

“New strategies and positioning of the sales process. Chad reinforced some things and gave me new, more effective ways to get sales closed & handle objections!”

Bruce G.

Become A Pro+ Member

  • Bring your questions and tough cases directly to Chad during a monthly Q&A coaching call.
  • Close more sales and overcome more objections by using our proprietary illustration software.
  • Customized roadmap to organize training materials based on your needs
  • Access to agent tools, client handouts, and leave-behind kit materials
  • Access to the full training vault (over 95 training lessons)
  • 30-60 minute live training once per month by $150,000,000 producer, Chad Owen
  • Access to an online network of agents to ask questions, celebrate successes, and embrace accountability

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If you realize our program is not right for you once you get started, you can cancel at any time. However, due to the digital nature of our products, we do not process refunds.