The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast

In The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast, $23M+ per year producer, Chad Owen, guides agents through the ups and downs of the annuity industry and reveals his learned secrets to success. Owen shows agents how to increase their sales, increase their lifestyles, increase their influence, and increase their impact on the world around them!


Episode 66 – Selling in an Emotionally Driven Market

Selling in an emotionally driven market can be challenging for you and your clients, but knowing the facts can make all the difference. In this episode, Chad uncovers the best ways to help your clients understand why protecting their money and overcoming market scare tactics are essential to a peaceful retirement.


Episode 65 – Solution Selling with Confidence

Product knowledge, solution selling, and becoming an expert in this industry are the most important things you can do to help your clients find their best situation. In this episode, Chad covers the basics of solution selling by sharing his methods and skills when helping clients.


Episode 64 – Why GOOD Mentorship is Important

This industry can be lonely and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. You have the opportunity to learn from a top-selling annuity agent who is in the field just like you. In this episode, Chad shares why mentorship and training are so important and how he has help agents double and even triple their…


Episode 63 – Becoming a TOP Annuity Salesperson!

Many agents ask Chad, “how did you become a safe money specialist?” His response is often “agents who want to be the best must become experts at what they do.” In this episode, Chad uncovers how he became an expert in this industry and what he did to get there.


Episode 62 – How to Handle Index Strategy Changes

Participation rates, caps, spreads, surrender charges, oh my! Do you have the answers your clients need if annuity companies lower their participation rates and caps? In this episode, Chad gives a 30,000-ft. overview of participation rates, caps, and spreads.


Episode 61 – Backup Plans and Being Prepared

When challenges and obstacles come, are you prepared with a backup plan? In this episode, Chad explains why preparation and backup plans are incredibly important to helping everything run smoothly.