The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast

In The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast, $23M+ per year producer, Chad Owen, guides agents through the ups and downs of the annuity industry and reveals his learned secrets to success. Owen shows agents how to increase their sales, increase their lifestyles, increase their influence, and increase their impact on the world around them!


Episode 72 – Life in the “Fishbowl”

There are zero gray areas in this industry! Agents are accountable to do what is honest and ethical for every client. In this episode, Chad explains what it’s like to work in a “fishbowl” environment and why being seen from every angle can be difficult but can keep you from compromising yourself.


Episode 71 – Avoiding Suitability Setbacks

Are you looking out for the best interest of your clients? Suitability helps keep agents honest and integral in an industry full of accountability. In this episode, Chad breaks down how he puts his clients first and avoids setbacks with suitability.


Episode 70 – Get Pending Business Issued Faster

You finally met with your client, they’ve picked the right product, and you send in the application, but it falls through because you hit some bumps in the road. In this episode, Chad shares his process with handling pending business and how he overcomes some common hang-ups.


Episode 69 – How I Got My Start

Every agent wants to start out on the right foot of success in this industry but many find themselves asking “where do I even start?” In this episode, Chad shares how he started in this industry and how success doesn’t come overnight!


Episode 68 – A New Look at New Years Resolutions

Many people make new year’s resolutions but fail to stay committed to those goals by the time February rolls around. Is it time to take a fresh look at your resolutions? In this episode, Chad shares his perspective on new year’s resolutions and his desire for agents to make 2020 their best year yet!


Episode 67 – Vision for 2020

When setting goals for the new year, knowing your “why” is the most important thing you can do! Your “why” not only gets you up in the morning, but keeps you going after your dreams. In this episode, Chad explains his “why” and how he strategizes to have another remarkable year.