The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast

In The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast, $15M+ per year producer, Chad Owen, guides agents through the ups and downs of the annuity industry and reveals his learned secrets to success. Owen shows agents how to increase their sales, increase their lifestyles, increase their influence, and increase their impact on the world around them!


Episode 62 – How to Handle Index Strategy Changes

Participation rates, caps, spreads, surrender charges, oh my! Do you have the answers your clients need if annuity companies lower their participation rates and caps? In this episode, Chad gives a 30,000-ft. overview of participation rates, caps, and spreads.


Episode 61 – Backup Plans and Being Prepared

When challenges and obstacles come, are you prepared with a backup plan? In this episode, Chad explains why preparation and backup plans are incredibly important to helping everything run smoothly.


Episode 60 – Helping Clients Understand Annuities

Most people who don’t like annuities usually don’t understand the VALUE behind them. In this episode, Chad exposes common annuity misconceptions by digging into the different types of annuities and shows why knowing the difference between them is imperative.


Episode 59 – Setting the Best Example

In this industry, being an expert and setting the best financial example for your clients is crucial. It’s easy to stop making calls, become unmotivated, and forget to invest in yourself. In this episode, Chad shares how he continues to stay motivated and sets the best example in his business.


Episode 58 – Putting Clients in the Right Product

Are you helping your clients choose the right product for their situation? In this episode, Chad shares his process when helping a client pick the best product, three things he looks for in any product, and what to look for in each company.


Episode 57 – Getting Clients Off the Fence

Many people ask Chad, “What’s your process and how do to get clients to commit?” His response is often asking, “Are you building the need for your client to protect their retirement from market risk?” In this episode, Chad digs into his process when objections or hesitations keep clients on the fence.

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