The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast

In The Annuity Sales Coach Podcast, $15M+ per year producer, Chad Owen, guides agents through the ups and downs of the annuity industry and reveals his learned secrets to success. Owen shows agents how to increase their sales, increase their lifestyles, increase their influence, and increase their impact on the world around them!


Episode 49 – Give the 4th Quarter Everything!

Regardless of how this year has played out up to this point, there’s still time to end the year strong! In this episode, Chad talks about how the last quarter proves time and time again to be the most productive in his business!


Episode 48 – Navigating Broker Objections

Does your potential client have money with a broker? If so, chances are that broker is going to push back when your client tries to move their money into an annuity. In this episode, Chad uncovers some great strategies for countering broker objections!


Episode 47 – Handling Closing Objections

Imagine this… The appointment has gone over without a hitch, you’re about to close the deal, and all of a sudden you’re client comes up with a laundry list of objections… Has this ever happened to you? Your ability to counter closing objections is CRUCIAL for getting paid! In this episode, Chad unpacks some of…


Episode 46 – FIA’s: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Getting your business started out on the right foot is vital. Knowing exactly how to execute can be very challenging as well. In this episode, Chad discusses how to tackle those beginning stages, how to launch your business to the next level, and how to become an EXPERT in the FIA industry!


Episode 45 – Overcoming “Post-Appointment” Objections!

Whether it’s their broker or their neighbor, someone will likely have an opinion on why your client has made a horrible decision by purchasing an annuity… The question is, are you ready to counter those objections? In this episode, Chad breaks down the most common “post-appointment” objections and lets you in on how to overcome…


Episode 44 – Work Hard, Play Harder

Managing your business can be stressful and overwhelming… In this episode, learn how Chad works hard and breaks records in his industry while traveling the world 3+ months out of the year!

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