Day One:

Because we know your time is super valuable, we'll tell you the meat is from 05:11-37:13. Here's what we covered on Day One:

  • Annuities’ ability to elevate your portfolio
  • How to avoid the common annuity mistakes
  • Answering questions from other agents

HOMEWORK: Identify 5 clients that might be a good fit for an annuity


Day Two:

Day Two was all about demystifying annuities. So many agents don't sell annuities because they don't understand them. Here's what we covered on Day Two:

  • Understanding the different types of annuities
  • Explaining the basic structure of annuities and their benefits
  • Key factors to consider when recommending annuities to clients

Day Three:

How to sell annuities by asking the right questions to begin conversations. Skip to 8:02 for the good stuff! Here's what we covered on Day Three:

  • The importance of fact-finding and asking the right questions
  • Tips for conducting an effective fact-finding conversation
  • Overcoming push back to fact-finding questions


Day Four:

Develop a lead system: Mining your existing leads to generate new annuity opportunities. Here's what we covered...

  • Importance of having a lead system
  • Strategies for mining your existing leads
  • Creating a process for future cross-selling opportunities


Day Five:

You know who your annuity sales prospects are...now what? On this last day of our 5 Day Challenge. Congrats to everyone who stayed committed to gaining knowledge and improving their business over these 5 days! Day 5 topics were as follows:

  • Annuity sales basics
  • Next steps for pursuing annuity prospects
  • Bonus: Email template and phone script 

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