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Here’s the deal, I want to overwhelm you with value. I want to give you so much value that at some point, you’ll consider, whenever you’re ready, working with us either now or in the future for your annuity training.

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That’s all we want to do here. So, no risk, no obligation, we’re just going to hop on a call, identify the areas that you have the biggest need in your process and give you strategy and techniques for how to refine that process and apply it to your business.

What AGENTS have to say
about Chad's coaching


Andrew T.

New Agent

"You’re not going to go very far without coaching. So when I found the opportunity to not only get licensed but to be coached, mentored and have people that could literally walk me through this, literally it's a whole team, it was just something where I thought “you know what? How could I possibly lose with this?” Getting into it I’ve found that everybody has been so trustworthy and bending over backwards to help."


Lonnie R.

$1M producer In 3 Months

"I know that I can do this because there's a forerunner that went before me that has been extremely successful and has become a master at his trade. So now I don't have to pay $100,000. I don't have to work 16 years to become a master. I can actually take the principles that he has really developed and he’s mastered and apply them to my life at my own pace and my own time. What I’ve found is that I’m becoming an expert."

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