Sit In On A $300k Sale

Listen in on a live appointment with annuity expert, Chad Owen, as he makes a $300,000 annuity sale!

“Great info all around – being more confident in front of clients – thorough fact-finding and having confidence with your solutions. Great road map to follow to the “T” for success.”

Rocky L.

Uncover the exact sales process of a $16M+/year annuity producer, listen to real objections from a client, hear the expert responses, and learn how to make a one-sit-one-close sale.

Follow every step of the appointment process from start to finish!

Course Preview

“An excellent breakdown from start to finish on how to create a model for success.”
Steve A.

“Well worth my time. Chad is very down to earth & a man of integrity.”
Kevin B.

Is this for you?

If you’ve been looking for a step by step guide to the appointment process and are tired of leaving numerous appointments without making a sale, then this training is for you. Learn how an annuity expert navigates client objections and walks out with a $300k sale.


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At Retirement Realized Agents Academy, you'll find agents who run their businesses with integrity, set on transforming the annuity industry and rewriting the narrative. Our community believes in raising others up, answering questions and celebrating successes.


World-Class Support Team

You will have Email access to a knowledgeable team that is able to answer real questions that are relevant to your annuity business. At Retirement Realized, we don’t outsource anything - including our support team. Our team is available M-F 9am-5pm CST

A Note From Chad

Investing in this is investing in you. I built this training because I believe that every agent in this industry deserves to create a life of freedom and abundance and it’s not your fault that all of the training you’ve had up to this point has fallen short. Once you apply these principles, you will find success!

“Amazing and life/business changing. I know I will grow my business from this as soon as I start spending money on marketing.”
Nicole G.

“Not just one good idea, but 20+, plus reminders of things I meant to do, but haven’t.”
Dave C.

“Great inspiration! Solid, actionable information. An easy to follow process!”
Denny R

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