Leads! Leads! Leads!

Discover the lead types out there, how to get the most from them, and how to budget for future marketing.

“Clarification and specific details of a specific annuity sales process. I’m now able to look back at my sales process and self evaluate what I can do better to write more business.”
Eric H.

Leads can often make or break an agent’s success. Learn from annuity expert, Chad Owen, how to find reliable lead sources and effectively utilize them.

Don’t go broke trying to make your business work. Learn how to work your leads and convert them into sales.

Course Preview

"Starting in the mortgage protection industry, I knew little to nothing about annuities. After four years of gaining experience and a few million in production under my belt, I decided it was time to invest in training from the experts. I joined Chad's team in early 2018 when my average application was $88,500. Now, just a few months later, that has increased to $128,800. In addition, my ability to present solutions instead of products and overcome objections has improved as well. With these improvements and the continual support of Chad and his team, I'm currently tracking to double my 2017 production."-Nick S.

“Validation that what I am doing in my business is correct. You spoke of your failures as well as success and that was very helpful considering we all fall and that it is ok. We will not close everyone. And that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.”
Ed M.

Is this for you?

If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to make your leads work, no matter what your budget, and you want expert training on how to get the most out of your resources, then this course is for you! Stop going broke trying to make a sale. Learn from an expert today.


What You Will Learn

Using Referrals

The Power Of Cross Selling

Radio Leads

Social Media Leads

Internet Leads

Preset Appointments


What Lead Source Is Best For You?

How Much Should You Be Spending?

How To Budget For Leads

Keep The Leads Flowing

Why Investing In Good Leads Is Critical

Course Wrap Up - Don't Be Overwhelmed


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At Retirement Realized Agents Academy, you'll find agents who run their businesses with integrity, set on transforming the annuity industry and rewriting the narrative. Our community believes in raising others up, answering questions and celebrating successes.


World-Class Support Team

You will have Email access to a knowledgeable team that is able to answer real questions that are relevant to your annuity business. At Retirement Realized, we don’t outsource anything - including our support team. Our team is available M-F 9am-5pm CST

A Note From Chad

Investing in this is investing in you. I built this training because I believe that every agent in this industry deserves to create a life of freedom and abundance and it’s not your fault that all of the training you’ve had up to this point has fallen short. Once you apply these principles, you will find success!

“You spoke of your failures as well as success, and that was very helpful considering we all fail and that is ok. We will not close everyone and failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.”
Ed M.

“ Your confidence and knowledge was admirable and overall encouraging. Very useful info!”
Arianna D.

“A proven plan for success. Legitimate to improve processes and increase closing percentage.”
Brian P.

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