25 Reasons 90% of Agents Fail and How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Don’t become a statistic! We’ve broken down the top 25 reasons that over 90% of agents fail in this industry, and how you can ensure you won’t be one of them!

“Great inspiration! Solid, actionable information. An easy to follow process!” Denny R.

Bypass the most common pitfalls that agents regularly make. Get closer to reaching your personal, production, and lifestyle goals by addressing these 25 pillars of a successful business.

Learn where you need to make changes in your business that might be holding you back from the next level. Be one of the 10% that succeed!

Course Preview

“You spoke of your failures as well as success, and that was very helpful considering we all fail and that is ok. We will not close everyone and failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.”
Ed M.

“I’m new to the annuity business coming from 30yrs of health & life. I learned that I need to learn 10x more than I know!”
Scott D.

Is this for you?

If you are ready to stop depending on vague training, stop doing the same things that have led others to failure and stop assuming the only way to learn is by making mistakes, then this training is for you. Start learning from other agents’ failures. Rely on training that is direct, specific and effective.

A Glimpse Into The Course...

Reason 1

They Don’t Define Themselves

Reason 2

They Don’t Set Standards

Reason 3

They don’t set realistic goals

Reason 4

No Excuses Only Solutions

Reason 5

They Don’t Follow A Wealth Principle

Reason 6

They Don’t Set Their Business Up For Success

Reason 7

They Fail to Know Their Competition

Reason 8

They Don’t Have or Fund An Effective Lead System


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A Note From Chad

Investing in this is investing in you. I built this training because I believe that every agent in this industry deserves to create a life of freedom and abundance and it’s not your fault that all of the training you’ve had up to this point has fallen short. Once you apply these principles, you will find success!

“Some great ways to improve my sales process. Love the safe money kit!”
Frank A.

“I’m now able to look back at my sales process & self evaluate what I can do better to write more business.”
Eric H.

“A proven plan for success. Legitimate to improve processes and increase closing percentage.”
Brian P.

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