Why the insurance industry needs ethical annuity sales people

A wave of ethical producers are rewriting the annuity landscape. How do you ensure you’re one of them? According to a recent study, the sales of fixed indexed annuities are predicted to skyrocket and capture 40% of the annuity market by the year 2023. This says something about the times that are ahead… Opportunity Is…

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Leads are not your problem!

Let me debunk the myth that leads are king in your business… I hear these things weekly…”Do you have any lead systems in your academy?” “What are your leads?” “How can I get the leads you have?” “If I could just get the great leads you have then I’d be set in my business!” The…

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How to balance work, life, and adventure!

Over the past two weeks my wife and I have been on a European trip to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary and it was absolutely amazing. Getting to unplug from the everyday grind of sales life is always much needed after how hard I push on a regular basis. Finding the balance between work and…

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