5 Things To Look For When Purchasing Annuity Leads


Over the past 16 years, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on annuity leads. Sometimes testing new leads works out well, and other times it doesn’t, but that’s just part of doing business in this industry. I’m going to share 5 things with you that I’ve realized over the years often correlate with “good” leads. That said, before we get too much further, I want to clarify that a lead is really only as “good” as the agent who has it, but there are still objective differences that can help set an agent up for more likely success. 

1) No “Pre-Payment”

I have tried multiple lead sources that required upfront payment. Essentially the way these types of companies work is that you pay $___ before you get a single lead, and then they go generate you leads based on the amount you purchased. It could have just been the few lead companies I’ve tried, but they have never panned out well for me. That’s not to say that I haven’t gotten sales off of these leads, I have, but because I track my appointment rates, and close percentages with all my leads, I could see that there were significant decreases with the “pre-payment” leads. 

2) $25,000 Minimum

One consistent feature that I’ve noticed with lead companies I’ve had success with is that they all have a “minimum investible amount,” essentially that if a potential client doesn’t have at least $___ in investible amounts, they will not become a lead. The minimum that I’ve found most common and consistently productive is a $25,000 minimum. It’s important to note that just because a particular lead says they have $___ in investible amounts doesn’t mean that that is truly what they have. I have met with many clients who said on the lead that they only had $___, but by using my fact-finder, I learned they had way more than that. 

3) No One Under 45

Another must-have feature for me is no lead under 45 years old. Because I’m using straight annuity leads, I want to make sure the people I’m meeting with are likely to need what I’m offering. While selling an annuity to someone under the age of 45 is doable, it’s fairly uncommon. Because of that, I want to make sure that I’m not spending my time trying to help people that don’t necessarily need my help in their current life stage. You can argue that people under 45 could use an annuity, and I agree, but it’s rare for people under the age of 45 to truly grasp and embrace the idea of delayed gratification, and long-term thinking. 

4) Exclusive to One Agent 

One thing that is 100% non-negotiable for me is that the leads I use are exclusive. This means I’m the only agent who was given their information to reach out to them. I simply do not have the ability to sit by the computer and phone all day and wait for a lead to come through so that I can try to be the first agent to contact them. By using only exclusive leads, it allows me to set my schedule, and contact people in my pre-determined call times on Mondays. 

5) Annuity Specific Leads

I use exclusively annuity specific leads. This means that the leads I receive have asked about annuities specifically. Many agents cross-sell annuities with other products, so they can use mortgage protection leads, or Medicare leads, and address the client’s first concern, and then in proper scenarios present annuity options as well. I specialize in annuities specifically, so I use annuity-specific leads. If you’re wanting to specialize in annuities, there will inevitably be a point where you need to transition to annuity-specific leads. 

I want to clarify that not every agent is in a position to use all five of these criteria, but consider all 5 of these things when you’re purchasing new leads (especially annuity leads). To take it one step further, consider how the lead was generated. Was the lead doing their own searching for the types of products you sell? Or did the lead company do something to try to pique their interest, and then incentivize their lead form submission? Generally leads that have been advertised to, and then incentivized to submit a lead form are not going to be as great as leads that have begun their own search, and then submitted a lead form to get more information without any incentivization other than information and chatting with an expert. 

I hope this helps you make your lead purchasing decisions, and as always, Happy Selling!

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  1. Bobby Collins on October 24, 2022 at 1:46 pm

    Their just not enough good lead generating companies out there!

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