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How To Sell Annuities

The Complete Guide

Have Life Insurance, Medicare, and Final Expense clients that could benefit from an annuity? We'll teach you how to open the door into an annuity conversation with those clients!


FMO Transfer Guide

In this PDF, I explain what things your marketing organization should be doing, and if they are doing these things, you should NOT leave them! If they aren’t doing these things, it may be time to find a new organization that does. Download the PDF to see what the BIG 5 things are!

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This PDF shows you exactly how you can make your own fact-finder based on the one that has allowed Chad Owen to sell over $269,000,000 in annuity premium since 2008. Download the guide today and start using a fact-finder that gets all the information you need in one page or less!


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Annuity Architects

The flagship program for helping annuity agents grow and scale an agency to 7-figure sales! Ideal for agents writing $1M-$10M in annual annuity volume.

Architects is for agents that are...

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and effectively

Desiring to build upon foundational knowledge in a way that translates to
more sales

Writing 1M-10M+ per year in annuity production who know what is possible
in this industry but haven't been able to
get there


Agency Marketing Suite

Automate your annuity sales agency. Get all of your essential software tools, in one platform with our CRM specifically built for annuity sales agents.

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How to Sell Annuities: The Complete Guide

I hear of agents all the time who are selling life insurance, medicare, final expense, etc., and want to learn how to sell annuities. Then there are those who aren’t even currently in the industry but want to get away from their 9 to 5 jobs and start selling these products. Lastly, there are those…

How to Explain an Annuity to Clients

If you’ve ever sold an annuity, undoubtedly you’ve had to try and figure out how to explain the annuity to your client. Agents often overcomplicate this process and try to utilize financial and insurance jargon to make themselves be perceived as an expert, but the reality is that doing that often just prevents the client…

5 Things To Look For When Purchasing Annuity Leads

Over the past 16 years, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on annuity leads. Sometimes testing new leads works out well, and other times it doesn’t, but that’s just part of doing business in this industry. I’m going to share 5 things with you that I’ve realized over the years often correlate with…

The Importance of Focus

There’s a common mindset in the insurance industry that agents need to work in as many different forms of business as they can (i.e. doing life insurance, medicare, final expense, annuities, long-term care, retirement planning, assets under management….the list goes on) to generate revenue from as many different places as possible. This mindset is not…

Immediate Annuities Explained

There are two overarching types of annuities, immediate and deferred. Within deferred there are 3 types, variable, fixed, and fixed indexed. I’m not going to get caught up in all the different names that people have for them. I’m just going to use names that are primarily acknowledged by the Insurance Commissioner of each state.…

Indexed Annuities Explained

Let’s jump into indexed annuities, and explain how they work, just as I would explain it to a client.  The indexed annuity started around 1995 and was the answer between the fixed annuity and the variable annuity. People say, “I don’t like a fixed annuity because my interest rate is too low. I don’t like…


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